The A-Z to 100% Online Commissions Is Too Ambitious with Its 2-Week Calendar

I came across this sales page one day when I was searching for new methods on how to secure high commissions for affiliate marketing. I found out during my research that the only way to absolutely have 100% of the commissions is if I develop a product myself. And it was during that train of thought that I eventually found my way into the sales page of the A-Z to 100% Online Commissions.

When I read the product site’s write-up, it gave the impression that creating the following will be quick and easy:

– a sales page

– an ebook

– organize an email management system

The A-Z to 100% Online Commissions

The A-Z to 100% Online Commissions

The product page says that it’s possible to make this all happen in just under a month. That was one of the things that convinced me to buy it. I must say it was difficult for me to keep up with the schedule projected by the guide. Although I finished my sales page just fine, I wasn’t able to finish everything else within the two-week period predicted in the guide. Writing my main ebook alone took up a little over a week! Thinking back on it now though, I think I might have finished my ebook if I wasn’t only limited to 3-4 hours a day because of my job.

Several days into the system, I realized that just like any business endeavor, you really need to exert effort and concentrate on making your ebook, among other things. If you can do that, I do think it’s possible to finish the sales page, ebook, and email management system in under a month.

One other important thing if you want to try the A-Z system: choose an ebook topic that you’re already very, very familiar with because then writing the ebook will be very quick and easy.

The A-Z title actually signifies the 26 steps of list building, and product development takes up four letters starting from Step A. From that very first step the guide recommended choosing a niche that I am genuinely interested in and preferably something I know a lot about. Then it goes on to emphasize the importance of research not just for marketing but also for product development.

By Step F the ebook told me to “Finalize Product Ideas” and on Step G to “Get Started with Product Development.” Here the guide suggests buying PLR products to copy on because it is legal to extract information from them to create my own ebook, and then sell it as my own original product. I was honestly surprised that the guide frankly divulges this secret… I mean, this had to be something people in the industry don’t go around telling everyone. This is a business strategy! You’d think they’d guard things like these to themselves. The ebook lays it down plain as day though, so I’m really grateful for that. And it did make writing my ebook easier, so I was still satisfied even though it took me longer than I would’ve liked.

My honest opinion is this: the guide is largely theoretical. I imagine that it is indeed possible to have everything set up in under four weeks IF you’re already so used to writing sales pages and ebooks. It’s going to take lots of practice in writing for people like me who are new to ebook writing. The A-Z ebook did give me lots of really helpful, straightforward advice, and for that I’d be willing to recommend it to new Internet marketers.


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