The Effects of SEO Outsourcing on the Economy

It started out as a controversial practice, but SEO outsourcing is now a generally accepted business solution applied by small, medium, and large enterprises alike. One of its major appeals is the potential for huge savings a business can get when non-core functions are outsourced to credible company. There are also other benefits such as flexibility, focus, and expertise. Other than the client business and the outsourcer, this business practice is also seen to have some positive effects on the economy of the countries where businesses choose to outsource.

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SEO Outsourcing Economic Effects

Third world countries like the Philippines and India are among the favorite outsourcing destinations of businesses based in Western countries. Let’s take a quick look at what the growth of the BPO industry has done for the economy in these destination countries.

1. Employment

Perhaps the most obvious advantage this business practice brings to a country where the BPO industry has become popular is the increase in employment rates. Millions of people who previously had no other option but to keep a job that pays peanuts rather than have no work at all now have a better-paying option! The variety of work available in the BPO industry also increases the likelihood of college graduates finally landing a job that’s at least related to their college degree in some way.

2. Infrastructure

As more and more outsourcers set up shop, more and more office space will be needed. And while small- to medium-sized companies may be content with renting office space, larger companies often choose to buy parcels of land and build their own facility. Either way, additional infrastructure will most definitely be required. The growth of the BPO industry therefore benefits the construction and real estate industries as well. It brings in more projects for developers and more work for the skilled workforce.

3. Ripple Effect

When you think about it, you’ll realize that the growth of the BPO industry will create a ripple effect of growth in the economy. The thousands of employees in one BPO building will need to eat, right? This will give rise to fast food chains, cafes, convenience stores, and similar businesses in the area. Additionally, you can’t expect every single employee in these BPO facilities to be residents of the area. Many of them would have come from other parts of the country looking for work. These individuals will need a place to stay, thus giving rise to apartment buildings and similar businesses. This ripple effect could go on and on.

There are indeed a good number to benefits to be had from SEO outsourcing, whether you’re the client business, the outsourcer, or the destination country. Considering this, it is no wonder why this controversial business practice has come to be accepted by the business industry in general. Of course, you’ll have to take a lot of things into consideration when determining whether this is a viable solution for growing your business.


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