Prepared Content is Best for Social Media Outsourcing Help

Social Media OutsourcingOne of the usual arguments people have against social media outsourcing is that it’s a wrong idea to let outsiders interact directly with your customers. Outsiders don’t fully understand what the company is about, and could possibly even relay erroneous information on social media. While this is a valid argument, it is not, however, completely unavoidable. People who outsource tasks to staffing companies can always lay down an SOP for everyone to follow—that includes not posting anything that’s not confirmed by the client.

There is also one way to make sure that there are no errors done in social media outsourcing: provide the outsourced staff with prepared content to post and disseminate on social media. This greatly reduces the possibility of them stating something erroneous because the clients themselves will be the ones to prepare the content to be shared. It also solves the argument that outsiders may not possess the personality and character that the business stands for.

The following are types of content that you can prepare for social sharing:

1. Blog postsThis is probably the easiest one in the bunch. All you have to do is write a blog post, publish it in your blog, and advise your social media outsourcing team to use it as content for sharing. If you don’t have a blog, but you are into guest posting or article submissions, you can still utilize those articles and posts, and share the links to your friends, fans and followers.
2. Infographics– Content writers, researchers and graphic artists usually come together to come up with very impressive, and very lengthy infographics. If you don’t have a graphic artist at your disposal, you can still create simple but informative infographics using simple photo editing software. It’s pretty much like making a scrapbook, only this time you’re doing everything digitally. Infographics are some of the most widely-shared informational content online. Many people show preference to infographics instead of reading lengthy articles too, so if your infographic content are done very well, your social media outsourcing team will have an easier time sharing them across social media platforms.
3. Posters and promotional images – At the very least, you can create poster-like images that showcase your brand, business or products, depending on what you are promoting on social media. You’ll have complete control over the text, images, and calls to action, thereby minimizing the window for error on the part of the social media outsourcing team.
4. Videos – You’ll notice that the options have become more and more complicated and longer to create, and videos certainly take the cake. On the other hand, there are free video applications today that lets you edit short videos taken from smartphones. You can also compile slides into videos the same way you’d make a PowerPoint presentation. Sophisticated equipment is not the most important element here, but rather imagination and creativity in utilizing available resources.

Creating different types of content will make it easier for any social media outsourcing team to do its job. Since the content is already provided for, all they have to do is monitor the responses of the public, analyze their data, and make recommendations on how to further improve the social media activities and campaigns of the clients.


One response to “Prepared Content is Best for Social Media Outsourcing Help

  1. I strongly agree on your main point here! Content is the KING anywhere – SERPs, Google, social media and so on. It would be easier to find an outsourcing partner that can do social media tasks but it would be somehow risky if you will depend the creation of social media content to them as well. Although there may be outsourcing services related to social media content, it would be wiser to create one for your company because only you knows what your company does and only you can truly put it in any content.

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