Top 3 Social Media Outsourcing Tips

Social media marketing may be an important aspect of practically any business in this day and age, but that doesn’t mean everybody is equipped to carry out a successful social media marketing campaign. Furthermore, not all businesses can afford to hire an entire team to handle their social media efforts. For a lot of business owners, it’s a lot wiser to outsource this aspect of their business. Following are some tips you may want to note when outsourcing your social media needs.

Social Media Outsourcing Tip #1: Be Very Clear and Precise about What You Want Done

Social Media OutsourcingYou’ll be surprised at how many projects fail simply because the client failed to provide clear and precise instructions to the outsourcer. Never assume the outsourcer you hired has completely understood your instructions unless you’re sure you’ve given them a completely clear and detailed set of instructions. Better yet, ask the outsourcer to relay the instructions back to you just to make sure he or she has completely understood them. In giving instructions, it is best to break the project down into manageable tasks to make implementation a lot easier. Remember that a good outsourcer will do his or her best to create campaigns and come up with excellent ideas to help you grow your business. However, you’re still the one in charge of the project as a whole and you need to make sure each task is successfully achieved, providing feedback along the way.

Social Media Outsourcing Tip #2: Ask for Samples

There are a lot of outsourcers who offer a variety of services, but their strength actually lies in just one aspect. If you feel you need to focus more on improving the design of your pages, then it won’t be a very good idea to hire an outsourcer whose strength lies in content creation. To see where the strength of a particular outsourcer lies, it’s advisable to ask for samples of their previous work. Another option is for you to pay the outsourcer to complete a sample project for you. Either way, you’ll get an idea as regards the outsourcer’s strengths and the quality of his or her work.

Social Media Outsourcing Tip #3: Ensure Originality

Originality is important for both legal and creative reasons. There are regulations that can get your pages blacklisted if you post someone else’s work and claim it as your own. You may even find yourself facing some very serious lawsuits. Furthermore, you’re likely to lose a lot, if not all, of your online followers. This is why it’s important to repeatedly stress the importance of originality to the outsourcer you choose to hire. In terms of creativity, being original allows you to quickly make your mark in your chosen industry.

Regardless of the number of individual tasks you assigned to the outsourcer, you should monitor the progress and completion of each task on a regular basis. Social media outsourcing without regular monitoring can easily make you lose control of the entire project you’re working on and the strategies you employ can easily backfire on you when you fail to take control. Proper monitoring can also help you build a long-term relationship with your chosen outsourcer and develop a rhythm with them that can make the project even more successful.


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